Meet the Gals

We are a mother and daughter team who create delicious handmade jams, using the freshest ingredients from local farmers.  We believe in supporting local agriculture and helping to build North Carolina's local food economy.  


Enjoy our jams and jellies on toast or homemade biscuits, as a glaze on grilled meats or vegetables, or as a flavor boost in a vinaigrette to dress fresh local greens.  Let us know your favorite way to enjoy our products! 


We can create custom flavors to help you celebrate the sweet moments in your life.  Ask us about favors for weddings, baby showers, customer and employee appreciation events, and special birthdays. 


Garnet - The Original Garnet Gal

The name Garnet Gals comes from Garnet Spencer, Andrea's mother and Megan's grandmother, who shared her love for good food and good times with us both.  Her influence can be seen in our attention to using traditional jam-making techniques with adventurous flavor combinations.  

Andrea - The Gardening Gal

Andrea would always rather be in her garden!  She grows many varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, some of which we use in our products, and all of which serve as inspiration for our love of fresh, delicious food. 

Garden Gal.jpg

Megan - The Gourmet Gal

As a professional pastry chef, it is Megan's job to turn our favorite flavor combinations into extraordinary accompaniments to enhance any meal, whether breakfast, dinner, or dessert!